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We at YMTS believe in digital transformation of the business. In this modern era entrepreneurs are widely dependent on technology. Our aim is to provide applications which gives full control of the operations handled by an organization.

With the advancement of technology it’s important for an organization to utilize its optimum resources for the enhancement of profits. We at YMTS understand the technological advancements and strive to deliver the best for our petrol pump/bunk clients. Our comprehensive software helps you to maintain everything to elevate your petrol pump/bunk business. With our Petrosoft petrol pump/bunk management software, you can have complete insight into your profitability, inventory and income. YMTS is a pioneer in petrol pump/bunk management systems.

The main focus of this Petrosoft petrol pump/bunk accounting software package is to supply the petrol pump/bunk owner with the entire perspective of the business. Through this Petrosoft petrol pump/bunk management software the petrol pumps/bunks will have more time to concentrate on enhancement of their business. So we developed this Petrosoft petrol pump accounting software depending upon the unique requirements of the petrol pump/bunk business rather than preferred simple accounting solutions. Today the business environment is very competitive and is evolving daily. Keeping this in mind we developed the Petrosoft petrol pump/bunk management software that can handle a bundle of activities. In petrol pump/bunk business maintaining reports and sales, purchase accounting is a time consuming process. On the other hand it is also not possible to get genuine reports of sales. We at YMTS present to you Petrosoft petrol pump/bunk management software, the all in one solution to confront your entire Petrol pump/bunk issues. Petrosoft delivers you the daily, monthly and yearly conversions of sales and stock maintenance. Feel free to contact us for Petrosoft petrol pump/ bunk management software demo.

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